Gush Shalom Seeks Funds for Water Filters for Gazans

People concerned about the deteriorating conditions in Gaza can help Gush Shalom buy water filters. The lack of fuel has severely damaged the provision of drinking water, and Gazans have to make do with extremely bad quality water. Therefore there is an enormous need for water filters, but there aren’t any more available—they are “blacklisted” as part of the collective punishment by the Israeli government.

By Saturday Jan. 26, a truckload of filters and a lot of Israeli citizens and (hopefully) a lot of media will join Gush Shalom as they pass the filters through the checkpoint to Palestinians on the other side. Gush Shalom thinks they can make it extremely inconvenient for the authorities to refuse them permission to pass the filters to Gazans. If they can’t get through, they plan to campaign, and hopefully all the international donors will then protest—by phone and fax and snail mail and through the embassies worldwide—until the convoy is let through. It looks as if with such a basic necessity Gush Shalom would also stand a good chance with the Supreme Court on this matter.

One reason why Gush Shalom decided to buy water filters is they won't deteriorate if their struggle to get them into Gaza takes some time. The water filters will ultimately get to Gaza, however hard Gush Shalom may have to struggle. As a result of it all, they hope also to have raised the awareness about the Gaza plight.

The Gaza Relief Convoy campaign is gaining momentum. It’s not yet too late to make a donation earmarked for “Gaza Convoy Jan. 2008” to: Gush Shalom PO Box. 3322 Tel Aviv 61033 Israel.

In the U.S. and Canada tax-exempted donations can be made for the Gaza Relief Convoy through the charities listed below, which will pass it on to Gush Shalom—write to for details on tax-deductible charities in U.K., Holland and Germany. Please, advise Gush Shalom by e-mail that you sent any of these charities a check for the Jan 2008 Gaza convoy—including the sum, so that they can include it even when it arrives later.

U.S. Donors

In the U.S. tax-deductible donations for Gush Shalom (checks) are to be written to: “Eschaton/Gush Shalom” and mailed to:

Eschaton Foundation
515 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Canadian Donors

In Canada tax-deductible donations earmarked for Gush Shalom can be made out and mailed to:

La Galerie Fokus—Specify: Gush Shalom-Food & Medicines Fund
68, av. Duluth East
Montreal, QC
H2W 1G8

The list of Israeli sponsors so far:

Gaza partner:

End the Siege Campaign

For more information about what happens to your donation see:

Although we assume you know about the situation of the one and half millions inhabitants of Gaza, we added a link to a Dec 19, 2007 Sky news video, which gives some sharp insight in daily life under siege:

tiny little link to Sky news video