People's Peace Conference - Annapolis 2007

People's Peace Conference & Truth Commission - November 26, 27, 28 Annapolis and Washington DC

Ordinary Citizen Peacemakers, who have exhibited a willingness and aptitude to dialogue across religious, ethnic and political divides, will serve as delegates at the first People's Peace Conference at St. Anne's Church in Annapolis 3-7pm Nov. 27. Together they will attempt to discover what common ground exists between them on which to base a just, viable and sustainable peace in the Middle East.

Delegates will also attend a series of Truth Commissions sessions to educate themselves, the media and public-at-large about the sources of the conflict and possible solutions. The first Truth Commission hearing will be held Nov. 26 6:30-8:00PM . Speakers will include Mossi Raz and Nidal Foqaha of the Geneva Initiative that brokered the Geneva Accords.

The day after the People's Peace Conference, the second Truth Commission will hear UN University of Peace Professor Mary King speak about her new book, A Quiet Revolution, which highlights the elements of nonviolence in the first Intifada that the media ignored: Wednesday, Nov. 28 6:00pm, Busboys & Poets1390 V St NW, Washington, DC 20009


Call for Delegates: We're seeking participants who've exhibited long, earnest and genuine efforts to learn from "others" and to envision a resolution based on respect and understanding.

Background: For the Peoples Peace Conference to be worthwhile, well need to check our egos, activism and preconceived ideas at the door. This should be a serious undertaking to see if the years of dialogue have left us with enough common ground on which to base a foundation for peace in the region, which could act as a blueprint for the Palestinian and Israeli people to move forward . . . even if their leaders can't or won't. This is not a phony media ploy, an ironic parody or academic endeavor. It's to show that Muslims, Christians, Jews and others can collaborate in peace and mutual respect in the US . . . why not anywhere else?

Ground Rules: Although all will be welcome, we do ask that delegates represent no organization or larger group. Delegates should act as individual citizens and decide issues on their own and not based on the positions of any groups that they may be a member of.

Good Advice: Through our continuing Truth Commissions, we will have a series of speakers who will address key histories and issues facing delegates. Here is what three former negotiators suggested are the Ten Commandments for Mideast Peace.

If we've ever wanted peace, this is our chance to make it. So, please join hands with us and help make this a success.

Cosponsors: Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace, Fellowship of ReconciliationWashington Peace CenterSharing JerusalemInterfaith Peace-Builders