Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace

and  the

Friends Committee on National Legislation


cordially invite you to


a Brown Bag Lunch and presentation and discussion with


DAOUD NASSAR of the Tent of Nations and

Daher’s Vineyard of Palestine


Land, Peace, & Justice in the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict

-  A Case Study -



Thursday, December 6

12:00 noon  – 1:30 p.m.


at Friends Committee on National Legislation

245 Second Street, NE     Washington, DC 20002

(Wilson Conference Room)


RSVP   paulverduin@starpower.net   301-495-7891  

Daher's Vineyard is 100-acre farm sitting on a hilltop in the fertile hill country just south of Bethlehem.  The Nassars are a Palestinian Christian (Lutheran) family.  Daoud Nassar is one of eight grandchildren of Daher, the farmer who bought the land in 1924 during the time of the Ottomans, and after whom the farm is now named. Today, the Nassar's farm stands alone, ringed by Jewish settlements and the encroaching Separation Wall, the last Palestinian land in an area earmarked for an expanding Israeli presence.


The Israeli government has offered millions for the land and safe passage out of Palestine, but the family wishes to remain.  "This land is our mother," says Daoud Nassar, the manager of the farm.  "Our mother is not for sale."  Under his leadership, the family has taken the case all the way to the Israeli Supreme Court to establish the family's land rights.  Hear Daoud’s account of his family’s efforts to stay on their land and at the same time strengthen the Palestinian community through a variety of social and cultural activities, including art, drama, literacy and women’s workshops— all aspects of a nonviolent struggle with broad implications for the shape of a peace that Israelis and Palestinians are beginning to discuss at Annapolis.